Noel Leeming Newmarket

  • Newmarket, Auckland

  • Retail - Technology

Alongside the exciting new mall design, we were assigned to take a technology store which had a tried and tested template and undergo a radical transformation of its interior design, embracing the future of retail innovation. Say goodbye to the conventional and welcome a cutting-edge, immersive experience like no other. The store's interior is now a futuristic marvel, adorned with interactive digital displays, and smart product showcases. As you enter, you are transported into a world where technology meets art, with dynamic lighting creating an ever-changing atmosphere. The layout is reimagined to offer seamless navigation, guiding you through carefully curated product zones that cater to all tech enthusiasts. Elevating your shopping experience to new heights. The checkout process is streamlined with contactless payment options. Embrace the fusion of technology and retail as our transformed interior design unlocks a world of possibilities and propels us into the digital age of shopping. Welcome to the future of technology retail!