Cut Above Academy

  • Queen Street, Auckland

  • Tertiary Education

Not long after completing the upper levels of this building for the client we again worked closely with Nicole (the owner) to create a hairdressing and beauty school, a modern space to inspire the next generation of skilled professionals in the hair industry. The layout and design of the school displayed creativity, inspiration, and professionalism, creating an environment where students can grow. The design included spacious classrooms equipped with modern technology and tools, providing students with hands-on training and the latest industry practices. Dedicated areas for practical sessions, such as salon-like setups, allow students to gain real-world experience and interact with clients in a professional setting. The overall aesthetics of the school incorporated the clever use of graphics and theming, motivating students to explore their creativity and innovation. We successfully delivered a hairdressing and beauty school design that not only enriches the learning experience but also cultivates a passion for excellence in the aspiring stylists and beauty experts of tomorrow.